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Audibleecoscience is a database of podcasts on subjects related to global change biology. It is designed as a resource for the general public and for educators looking to assign "required listening" to their students. Reviews of each podcast and links to the original source have been provided by students taking the IB107 class at the University of Illinois. The database is fully text searchable or you can browse on your favorite subject...
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Animal Life: Insects

Special Issue on Natural Systems in Changing Climates

Media Source: Science AAAS
Program Name: Science Podcast
Show Name: Special Issue on Natural Systems in Changing Climates
Broadcast Year: 2013
Original Link:

In Kristy Hamilton's interview, she focuses on the biotic interactions in ecosystems and how climate change affects these interactions. Hamilton noted that her studies are not necessarily accurate since nobody actually knows the future of climate change and what is going to happen to ecosystems. All she has is predictions from data of climate change in past and modern ecosystems. In Hamilton's data, she predicts that climate change is going to affect migration of certain animals. This causes animals to use natural resources differently and some species have started disappearing due to climate change. In Sarah Crespi's article, she talks about the issues with coral responses to climate change. Warmer oceans are causing coral to develop infectious diseases leading to poor growth. Along with coral, Crespi indicates that humans are developing diseases from climate change, especially vector-borne diseases. Crespi believes that scientists need to focus on developing more long term data for parasites in ecosystems. These data on parasites will make it easier to notice a climate change and climate signal in her opinion. She believes that this is the only way we will be able to study the effects of climate change accurately.

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