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Animal Life: Mammals

Science 24 September 2010

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Program Name: Science Podcast
Show Name: Science 24 September 2010
Broadcast Year: 2010
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Richard Stone, talks about “assisted colonization” and how it might help species most affected by climate change. He mentions that this process of moving species to areas projected to be better suited for their habitation after climate change is particularly useful to species in mountainous areas. Stone also discusses some of the potential positives and negatives of undergoing such a risky process. Stone notes that scientists on both sides of the assisted colonization argument are in agreement that such a process would have to be carried out with the upmost care and caution and that more research is required before we can definitely decide that assisted colonization is a good solution to the projected loss of habitat in areas most affected by climate change. Other options for saving these species that are projected to be affected by climate change are also discussed, as well as the fact that assisted colonization has the potential to drain funding from these other options for saving species that are projected to be in danger.

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