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Audibleecoscience is a database of podcasts on subjects related to global change biology. It is designed as a resource for the general public and for educators looking to assign "required listening" to their students. Reviews of each podcast and links to the original source have been provided by students taking the IB107 class at the University of Illinois. The database is fully text searchable or you can browse on your favorite subject...
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Animal Life: Aquatic

Changing Climate Means Changing Oceans

Media Source: National Public Radio
Program Name: Science Friday
Show Name: Changing Climate Means Changing Oceans
Broadcast Year: 2011
Original Link:

The topic of the podcast is how the oceans are affected by climate change. The podcast is hosted by Ira Flatow and features various scientific experts in various fields. One of the main points of this podcast is that the oceans are disproportionately affected by climate change and that is could be called “ocean change” instead. This podcast talks about how climate change is affecting the oceans. One aspect of this is the species that were previously unable to live in the cold oceans around the poles will be able to move in and act as invasive species. This podcast also talks about how the high CO2 levels are making the acidity level in the oceans rise. This causes all kinds of problems for corals and shellfish. The effects of climate change on fish populations and fisheries are also covered in this podcast. Migratory fish are moving towards the poles as they look for colder waters. One expert gives information on how the sea levels are rising in various areas and why they are rising. This could affect sea coast habitats like mangroves. A lot of this podcast is in a question and answer format. Listeners call in and ask the panel questions about the affects of climate change in the ocean. The discussion is free and ranges from the topics already described to solutions to global climate change.

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