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Audibleecoscience is a database of podcasts on subjects related to global change biology. It is designed as a resource for the general public and for educators looking to assign "required listening" to their students. Reviews of each podcast and links to the original source have been provided by students taking the IB107 class at the University of Illinois. The database is fully text searchable or you can browse on your favorite subject...
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Animal Life: Mammals

Saving Wild Places in the "Anthropocene"

Media Source: National Public Radio
Program Name: Science Friday
Show Name: Saving Wild Places in the "Anthropocene"
Broadcast Year: 2013
Original Link:

In this podcast, William Cronon and Paul Robbins discuss the changing ideas and definition of nature. It begins with a discussion of protected natural areas and a debate on whether this is actually preserving nature. An interesting fact brought up is that areas that are protected the most have the least biodiversity. This led to discussing whether or not humans should continue preserving wilderness areas, particularly with controlling fires. Audience members then began to question the guest speakers on positive human influences on the environment. One idea brought up early in the podcast was whether humans should move animals to other habitats as their original ones were altered by climate change. This blossomed into a question of what humans’ niches are and a discussion on our place on the planet and within ecosystems. A large underlying conversation discussed the politics of environmentalism, including preservation and sustainability (conservation versus preservation). In addition, they discuss how human climate change and habitat change has caused the largest mass extinction in our time period. After this, the conversation turned to defining invasive and native species and the role that humans have in altering their environment by introducing new species. Most importantly, they discussed what needs to be done to preserve species under the pressures of climate change and how this idea changes based on definitions and importance of nature to different cultures and societies.

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