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Audibleecoscience is a database of podcasts on subjects related to global change biology. It is designed as a resource for the general public and for educators looking to assign "required listening" to their students. Reviews of each podcast and links to the original source have been provided by students taking the IB107 class at the University of Illinois. The database is fully text searchable or you can browse on your favorite subject...
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Animal Life: Aquatic

Podcast episode 4

Media Source: Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears
Program Name: The Lowdown on Climate Change
Show Name: Podcast episode 4
Broadcast Year: 2009
Original Link:

Climate change in the Antarctic has largely been unmeasured in the past, due to the cold climate and lack of temperature records for the region. While climate change has been easily detectable on the other 6 continents of the world, due to temperature records dating back at least 200 years, there are no consistent records for Antarctica. However, recently scientists have begun to research ways to estimate a temperature record, using ice cores and analysis of the bubbles found within them, as well as scientific modeling to simulate climate systems in the region. What they found was alarming. Scientists have begun to notice warming in certain Antarctic regions, such as West Antarctica, which is lower than the rest of the continent and therefore more susceptible to climate change and storms. The Antarctic Peninsula is another area, which shows alarming warming. Ice shelves in the region, some as old as 10,000 years, are also beginning to melt. Recent discoveries also suggest that ice shelves respond much more quickly to climate change than previously expected, making the prognosis for this icy continent that much more alarming.

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