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Animal Life: Aquatic

Penguins in the Hot Seat

Media Source: Ocean Gazing
Program Name: Ocean Gazing
Show Name: Penguins in the Hot Seat
Broadcast Year: 2009
Original Link:

This podcast on Ocean Gazing is titled “Penguins in the hot seat” and is an interview between Hugh Ducklow who is a scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Antarctica.  Ducklow talks about primarily the impact the shorter sea ice season as the food web, and everyone’s favorite animal, the penguin.  Ducklow details this by talking about how in his study area, Western Antarctic Peninsula, the sea ice season has decreased by 90 days.  This is impacting the biology in the area as it is throwing off the food chain as all organisms in Antarctic depend on the “rhythm” of the sea ice season.  As phytoplankton decrease due to the amount of sea ice, as they live under the sea ice, has lead to impacts in the food web, as phytoplankton are a food source for Krill, a shrimp-like creature, when penguins go searching for Krill, they find less and less krill because there is less and less phytoplankton because there is less and less sea ice.  This clearly shows us that the whole Antarctica food web is really intertwined together.  The more the plant warms, the impact is going to be felt everywhere throughout the world and will impact a child’s favorite small animal, the penguin.

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