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Audibleecoscience is a database of podcasts on subjects related to global change biology. It is designed as a resource for the general public and for educators looking to assign "required listening" to their students. Reviews of each podcast and links to the original source have been provided by students taking the IB107 class at the University of Illinois. The database is fully text searchable or you can browse on your favorite subject...
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Animal Life: Mammals

Climate Change in Glacier National Park

Media Source: Earth Justice
Program Name: Down to Earth
Show Name: Climate Change in Glacier National Park
Broadcast Year: 2012
Original Link:

"During climate change, there are winners and losers since many species have adapted to a certain ecosystem. The changes in climate are particularly quick, which will leave many species unable to adapt. Some species will benefit from warming temperature like insects, as warming will increase their habit range to regions that were once to cool to reside in. There have also been changes in the aquatic regions of the globe as streams warm up, certain fish are being threatened by invasive fish species that aren't native and are well suited to the new environment than the native species. Similarly alpine species have also been affected by the raising temperature from climate change.  For example mule deer and white-tailed deer will probably do better in the new environment from climate change. There has also being an increase in raccoons and foxes in certain regions like the Glacier National Park then ever before. When climate change affects certain species, it will have a cascading effect on other species. "

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